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Author Topic: Very basics for beginners by DKmel  (Read 1476 times)
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« on: October 25, 2011, 02:32:27 pm »

I decided to do this post, cause don't want to get messages and complaints,  because the protection of some players is about to end i guess so am going to attack.

First : If you don't like the philosophy of kicking your neighbors ass almost every single day, i would suggest you quit now, before someone else makes your camp his farm.

Basic Tips:

1. The resource production is the most important thing and I see the energy production in this game is the hardest part. This allows you to do all other actions

2. The army is the power of a camp-barrack and not pop, the production of army units should be continuous, throughout the whole duration of the game. The important question is how to develop the best and largest army troops spending the least material..

3. Farming: An easy way to earn a lot of materials (resources) is attacking other players camp's and monsters spots for getting resources.

4. These games are strategy games, wrong moves in development of your camp are often fatal, each click should be calculated prior to. I always, before I start a strategy game, I make a text file where I keep notes in what to do. Those kind of games need planning and thoughtful time.

5. All are useful buildings but there are buildings to be built before someothers ... -)

6. I will not give you all the tips: P these are the very basics for beginners ... all other, try test, see, learn.

This is a war strategy game... if you dont like it, go play with your legos..

You been warned.
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