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Author Topic: Suggestions for improving "farming" capabilities  (Read 1094 times)
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« on: November 12, 2011, 03:32:16 am »

The concept of "Farming" a target is common these days. I don't know the developers view on how they wish this to be implemented, if at all, and would love to open a debate with suggestions on it! Here is my initial suggestions.

Would it be unreasonable to increase worker carrying capacity to 100 (or more)? They are already a quite slow unit when it comes to their travel speed, but currently, they have no other purpose other than sitting around doing nothing until something needs to be upgraded. By increasing their carrying capacity, it would give a second purpose to what they can be used for! Military units have weapons, equipment, backpacks, etc to carry, so their capacity is completely understood. This is why I believe workers would be beneficial with increased capacity! Smiley

The alternative is to add a transport unit of some kind (or to be able to use the market transports), even if slower than basic infantry, with a larger carrying capacity, to use in attacks for carrying back large amounts of resources. It seems silly to have send 500+ infantry on one attack an hour away only to have to send some again afterwards to get the remaining resources. A basic cargo truck isn't exactly high-tech nor highly-expensive (but not dirt-cheap, either). It would make sense if the increasing worker capacity idea is declined.

Based on the concept of using market transports from the last paragraph, instead of automatically have X amount of transports, the level of the Market determines the TOTAL you can have. The player, however, has to manually recruit those transports as individual units, and they can be lost in combat scenarios. This seems like a more fun and in-depth way to deal with them. Smiley

Again, I just want to add ideas and get discussions going so more people will interact here! Everyone please throw in your thoughts!
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